To “process” people or businesses through a standardized regimen, (as is done with many self-improvement programs), is often inefficient, ineffective and fundamentally disrespectful to one’s individualism.  We understand the value in creating your plan uniquely for you.

Autus Strategies respects our clients. We respect their time and their money and don't waste either. We want results. From you. From us.

Still, there is a method – a customized process built around a clearly defined goal executed in person, by internet or phone.  

First meetings are dominated by probing, insightful questions. During these meetings we are learning about you, your organization, and what goals you are trying to reach.

Together, we create a “Scope of Work.” This is a detailed document, headed with your most important goals (for example, “Increase annual revenue 50%”), and followed with the specific objectives that need to be met in order to achieve those goals. (For example, “Clearly identify your network of referral partners, advocates and prospects.”)

This Scope of Work document acts as a road map to achieving your goals. It not only points the direction, but also provides very specific milestones to chart your progress. We are there every step of the way – instructing, inspiring – providing the answers and encouragement you’ll need to keep moving forward.

Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of this process is that it’s completed only when you have achieved all the objectives described in the Scope of Work. There is no arbitrarily chosen time limit. You have open phone and e-mail access. You and our team work together until you’ve reached your destination – a destination that has always been clearly defined in the Scope of Work document.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • ​Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Structuring
  • Business Development
  • Risk Management
  • Sales Coaching
  • ​Community Relations
  • Special Event Management
  • Referrals/Networking
  • Account Mediation/Collection

/ˈau̯.tus/, [ˈau̯.tʊs] noun. growth; increase

What can we do for you?

​​We are a business brokerage and consulting firm...focused on growing your business, helping you make business to business connections, and working with you to find the best business strategies to experience success.

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