​​​Autus Strategies LLC

 Russell Burns

Co-Founder at Teleios Recovery Center

"​Lindsay envisioned, researched, developed and implemented the launching of a large preschool in our community, and met a great need. She supervised a large staff and an accountable budget. I highly recommend her for her pioneering efforts, and ability to develop something out of nothing.​"

 Evan S.K. Sullivan, APR
Director of Public Relations

Strongpoint Marketing

"Lindsay is a powerful force, a big thinker who knows how to take an idea from conception to reality. Her skills and personality combine to create an effective, dynamic professional whose impact cannot be underestimated."

Hanna Miller
Project Manager

Alexander | Carrillo Consulting, LLC

Dee Knight    

"​​I worked with Lindsay at Junior Achievement.  I was amazed at her ability to get the job done, while working with our board (and her team) to make significant strides in fundraising and event planning for the organization. 
I hope I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her again. 
Sincerely Russell Burns"

"Lindsay is strong, results-oriented, sales leader. She has a proven track record of building a strong, loyal client base."

Bill Holmes

Agape Hospice &   Palliative Care

What do people have to say about Lindsay...

Ryan Hayden
District Manager

Angels At Home Care

"Lindsay can easily be described as an entrepreneur. I know very few people with her drive, zest for success, and comprehensive knowledge of marrying opportunities, people, and organizations. Most of her success, I feel, can be contributed to her strategic insight and leadership capabilities. Comcast's decision to contribute to Junior Achievement (JA) was based mostly on Lindsay's ability to tell the story of how JA positively impacts the children in our community. Lindsay stands behind what she does and her passion is contagious. I am proud to be linked with her both professionally and as well as personally. If you are presented with the opportunity to work with her--grab it!"

We know that deliberate referrals are some of the most valuable sales leads we will ever come across.  Before you make the decision about whether or not to contact Lindsay Welch with Autus Strategies, we want to provide you with feedback from her colleagues and peers.  We believe the best way to build confidence in your decision to work with her is to have others share their experience with her first hand.  

Take a look at what her peers say about their interactions with Lindsay:

"I am often asked to provide letters supporting this or that or recommending this person or that person.  However, I cannot recall a time when I accepted with more enthusiasm than I have for Lindsay Welch.  Lindsay has a dynamic, engaging and infectious personality coupled with tremendous vision and sense of community.  She brought a new era of professionalism to the AHA and there is renewed enthusiasm to their programs and events.  Although a relative newcomer to Tucson, Lindsay has already made her presence known.  I see first hand what everyone is talking about."

/ˈau̯.tus/, [ˈau̯.tʊs] noun. growth; increase

 Shannon Schockmel
Project Executive 


Public Relations and Community Investment Manager

Comcast - Mountain West Region

"I've had the pleasure to work with Lindsay as a peer in Greater Tucson Leadership and in her capacity at Tucson Tamale. As a peer, Lindsay has been a mentor and cheerleader pushing her classmates to achieve their goals. She is smart, thoughtful and honest. Lindsay brings with a dash of Texas spice and tenacity to everything she does whether it is her support of Tucson's non-profit community or as the lead of business development. 

At Tucson Tamale, her connections in the community have created an enviable network of vendors and customers and built the reputation of the business hundreds of times over. Lindsay's work in the field has propelled the mom and pop business and local treasure into a force with regional and national recognition. From Tucson to the Grand Canyon, Pinetop to the complete other side of the country, Lindsay has made Tucson Tamales a recognizable brand and wholesale success. 

Her unique blend of skills in non-profit management and donor engagement combined with sales, networking, lead generation and the amazing ability to close, make her an asset to any organization."